The Power of Spendsetters

The power of spend unleashes when businesses are empowered with actionable insights, allowing them to make smarter business decisions. These decisions launch a ripple effect into positive change - from maximizing business value to improving the world around us.

coupa spendsetter award winners

The Spendsetter Awards will highlight these catalysts for change, giving them a platform to showcase their success leveraging Coupa technology and show their peers what's possible when we unleash the power of spend.


2023 submissions are now closed.



Spendsetter of the Year

This award recognizes the visionary leader who revolutionizes Business Spend Management.

economic and social impact award

Economic and Social Impact

This award recognizes the company that has transformed their spend processes to promote equality and sustainability across communities.

power of the platform award

The Power of the Platform

This award recognizes the company that has united powerful technologies to connect teams and deliver new levels of performance and purpose.

smart spending award

Smarter Spending

This award recognizes the company that has leveraged AI and advanced analytics to drive efficiency gains.

fin vis award

Financial Agility and Visibility

This award recognizes the company that gained greater visibility into cash and payments, making smarter financial decisions, optimizing liquidity, and improving forecasting.

supply chain excellence award

Supply Chain Excellence

This award recognizes the company that exemplifies agility in action, with the ability to respond rapidly and adapt the supply chain amidst the new normal of constant change.