BSM Spendsetter Spotlight

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BSM Spendsetter Spotlight

Partner Session with The Shelby Group: Building Procurement from the Ground Up



Building an effective and efficient procurement organization is no minor feat. Fleshing out strategic objectives, organizational structure, defining roles and responsibilities— these are just the tip of the iceberg. Strategically drilling down to the core of the operations, mapping out process flows and identifying key players are all important aspects of the process. But all too often, big picture strategy questions are overlooked that can hinder success.

In this session, you will get practical advice from Casey's VP of Procurement on three fundamental questions every procurement leader should be prepared to address in building a more robust procurement organization - 1) why does the role of procurement need to change, 2) what should you focus on to be an effective change agent, and 3) how will you execute to optimize success?

No matter where you are in your procurement journey, you will benefit from this refreshingly candid and compelling discussion about becoming a more effective agent for change within your organization.