Smarter Together with BSM

Hear how Coupa’s BSM suite has accelerated success in our community by empowering spend professionals to work smarter together.

Smarter Together with BSM

Managing Unmanaged Tail Spend with Coupa Advantage



Procurement organizations can be stretched thin, often resulting in less focus on a host of lower priority spend categories. These categories are often left unmanaged, or with limited attention. Despite any individual tail spend category being low in spend or importance, the total spend across these tail spend categories can be significant.

Hundreds of Coupa customers turn to Coupa Advantage to help create value in tail spend. Coupa Advantage works with 70+ trusted suppliers in common tail spend categories to provide significant savings opportunities. In this session, we will review examples of how organization use Coupa Advantage, showcase their successes, and provide guidance on how your organization can incorporate Coupa Advantage into your BSM strategy.