Smarter Together with BSM

Hear how Coupa’s BSM suite has accelerated success in our community by empowering spend professionals to work smarter together.

Smarter Together with BSM

Leveraging Supply Chain Design and Sourcing to Maximize Value



Supply chain disruptions continue to be on the rise. Organizations strive to balance costs, risk, and resilience. The process of procuring materials, making products, and moving them where they need to be is more complex than ever. In this disruptive environment, organizations must drive tighter alignment between sourcing and supply chain to drive decision-making and secure the transportation capacity they need.

Join this session for an in-depth look at how you can optimize supply chain design and sourcing to better prepare and respond to whatever is on the horizon. You will hear from Ipiranga about how they used Coupa to create more holistic supply chain models and execute sourcing events to improve speed to market and business value.